Self-adhesive vinyl floors Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55

The structure of vinyl flooring Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55
product structure

Virtuo Adjust 55 characteristics

Virtuo Adjust 55 is the name of a new product line of the very resistant and luxury vinyl floors from the French company Gerflor. It is a flexible material utility class 33/42 with textured matte finish, perfect appearance, allowing very quick installation (even do it yourself), but also uninstallation floor. It is available in tiles and planks with bevelled edges and adhesive performance. Excellent results are achieved through the adhesive even thicker pressure-sensitive adhesive. The result is a complex vinyl flooring, which, even after removal of the parts, leaves no adhesive residues on the subfloors. This floor guarantees a perfect grip and also may, if necessary, removed it and easily replaced it too. Vinyl flooring tiles / planks Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55 are a modern product with a total thickness of 4 mm, compressed and molded at high pressure. It consists of a transparent 0.55 mm thick PUR+ wear layer, layer which care about the design, two compact layers with glass fiber reinforced and a lower nylon layer on which is an adhesive. Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55 is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly flooring.

Main benefits

Self-adhesive vinyl flooring Gerflor Virtuo 55
  • Precise and easy laying:
    very quick and dust-free installation with no need of any other adhesives; cutting a simple knife with snap-off blade, which is basically the only tool you'll need
  • Ideal for renovation
    material can be put on the original pavement (if between individual tiles are not gaps greater than 4 mm)
  • Water resistance
    vinyl floors are designed for all rooms in the house including the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Design
    every vinyl planks or tiles in collection Virtuo Adjust 55 have a matt structure and impressive a bevel edges on all sides
  • Maintenance
    vinyl flooring Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55 is very easy to clean and requires no special application other precious protective emulsion
  • Removable
    self-adhesive vinyl floors can be peel off and reapplied to use; You can easily replace the badly stuck or damaged vinyl in the middle of the room without dismantling the surrounding components
  • Environmentally friendly
    Self-adhesive vinyl Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55 is 100% recyclable

Instructions for installing self-adhesive vinyl flooring Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55

gerflor virtuo 55 instalation - step 1

Batch number - step 1.

Make sure that all packages are numbered the same batch. The same production batch guarantees exactly the same design, but that does not mean that the packages from different batches together will not fit. When using different production batches is recommended to visually check whether the corresponding color and reflection.

gerflor virtuo 55 instalation - step 2

Acclimatization - step 2.

Unpack the products and stack them flat at a temperature from 15°C to 30°C (20°C is the optimum temperature) for 24 hours prior to installation. Do not underestimate this step recommended by the manufacturer.

gerflor virtuo 55 instalation - step 3

Tools - step 3.

The installation of vinyl flooring Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55 is very easy. Exclusive looselay construction with integrated tackifier. Make sure you have a ruler, a chalk line, a Stanley knife, cut-resistant gloves and a tape measure. Make a cut to vinyl plank with a knife and in a slight pressure easily break them. Simpler It could not be.

gerflor virtuo 55 instalation - step 4

The first and last row - step 4.

Make sure the last row of planks is the same width as the first row of planks. If not, correct the place where you will be starting with installation. It takes a little calculate. It looks no good if the first row of planks comprised 3/4 of the width of the slats and the last has quarter only.

gerflor virtuo 55 instalation - step 5

Laying direction - step 5.

Determine the laying direction (the planks should preferably run in the same direction as the light entering the room). Mark a centre line on the floor, dividing the room in two in the laying direction. Measure the side of the room perpendicular to the laying direction, then divide the measurement by the width of a vinyl. Round up to the next whole number. If the number is even, start laying with one whole vinyl either side of the centre line. If the number is uneven, start laying with one  straddling the centre line. This method ensures the widths of the first and last rows are optimised and equal.

gerflor virtuo 55 instalation - step 6

Removing paper - step 6.

Remove the protective wax paper and position the tile or plank on the prepared surface. Press firmly. If you don't succeed, nothing happens. You can remove and reinstall vinyl. Succeeded in? Then to the short side attach another panel and install it in the same way. Do not be afraid of some mistakes.

gerflor virtuo 55 instalation - step 7

How to do it at the end of the row - step 7.

The planks or tiles in the subsequent rows must be offset by a half or a third of a length. Use the piece cut off the last plank/tile (if it is >1/3 the length of the plank or tile) to start the next row. The main installation of vinyl flooring Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55 is very quick and easy.

gerflor virtuo 55 instalation - step 8

How along the perimeter - step 8.

Where the tiles/planks meet the wall and other fixed objects a gap of 1 - 2mm should be left, with the exception of rooms more than 10 m long, where 5 mm must be left at the perimeter.

Appropriate types of substrates and their preparation


Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55 is for use in homes only.


A flat, hard, dry (no rising damp), clean, smooth and dust-free floor surface. Gerflor does not recommend the use of underlay. The flatness of the floor must be ? 5 mm under the 2 metre ruler. The floor surface must not have any uneven areas..

Concrete, liquid screed, painted concrete, glued compact PVC floor. Tightly butted tiling If necessary apply a levelling compound to even out irregularities. Sand and remove dust.
Dusty substrates such as levelled surfaces and wood-based panels Use the primer(s) recommended by Gerflor to trap the dust.
Non-glued PVC, carpeted floor, laminated parquet Pull up the old floor covering and any associated underlay, file off the remains to create a clean and dry floor.
Wood strip flooring and wood-based panels

Stabilize loose tiles/planks. To achieve a totally smooth floor, use a fibrous patching compound or install a particleboard panel liner over the entire surface. Tongued/grooved panels on the side will be glued and affixed using screws every 15 to 30 cm as appropriate. Use stainless steel (or similar) screws, the length of which is 2.5 times the thickness of the panels themselves.


Parquet nailed onto battens spaced no more than 0.30 m apart, ventilated. Lining boards (19 mm) fixed to nailed and ventilated parquet. Apply primer on the panels.


Floorboards on joists, floating floor, glued parquet, floating particleboard, OSB boards.

Tiling with joints that are not butted together tightly Fix the unsealed tiles. Fill and smoothen the joints with a suitable compound. Sand and remove dust.
Areas behind glazed openings and under skylights Glue down fully over the entire exposed surface using a high temperature resistant glue.
Under-floor heating Installation possible if the substrate temperature does not exceed 28 °C at all points and with reversible floors. Installation on radiant under-floor heating systems is not permitted. Turn the heating off 24 hours prior to installation. Restart the heating gradually after installation.
Wet areas Apply a polyurethane sealant along the perimeter of the room; avoid spilling too much water.

Maintenance Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55

Vinyl is simple and very user friendly material with easy maintenance and cleaning.

Precautions for everyday use

Use plastic or felt protector pads under the feet of furniture or under other heavy objects. Avoid abrasive rubbing.

Cleaning your floor:

Vacuum cleaner or a damp mop. Traditional non-abrasive detergent.

Stubborn marks: diluted bleach, white spirit, alcohol or lemon juice.

Difficult stains (ink, tomato, mustard, blood, beetroot, mercurochrome): leave diluted bleach for several minutes to work. Do not rub.

Rust: clean with a rust removal cloth and rinse with plenty of water.

Grease, ballpoint and felt tip pen: gently rub with a cloth dipped in white spirit. When cleaning, do not use too much water.

Precautions for maintenance:

Do not allow acetone or chlorinated solvents to be used (e.g. trichloroethylene). Never use waxes or vitrifying varnish.

Replacing vinyl tiles or planks:

Split the plank/tile in the middle with the cutter. Slide the cutter blade into the slit. Remove the plank/tile and replace.

Additional information:

The joints between planks/tiles may separate - this is part of natural ageing and does not need to be repaired.

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  • 0288 CLUB GREY from Virtuo Adjust 55

    Club Grey

    Dimensions Code
    18,4 x 121,9 cm 0288
  • 0385 PUZZLE from Virtuo Adjust 55


    Dimensions Code
    18,4 x 121,9 cm 0385
  • 0506 DALIA from Virtuo Adjust 55


    Dimensions Code
    18,4 x 121,9 cm 0506
  • 1100 MIKADO from Virtuo Adjust 55


    Dimensions Code
    18,4 x 121,9 cm 1100
  • 1108 MIA from Virtuo Adjust 55


    Dimensions Code
    18,4 x 121,9 cm 1108
  • 0029 EOLE from Virtuo Adjust 55


    Dimensions Code
    18,4 x 121,9 cm 0029
  • 0510 CLEO from Virtuo Adjust 55


    Dimensions Code
    18,4 x 121,9 cm 0510
  • 3068 OREA from Virtuo Adjust 55


    Dimensions Code
    18,4 x 121,9 cm 3068
VIRTUO ADJUST 55 - 0288 Club Grey VIRTUO ADJUST 55 - 0385 Puzzle VIRTUO ADJUST 55 - 0506 Dalia VIRTUO ADJUST 55 - 1100 Mikado VIRTUO ADJUST 55 - 1108 Mia VIRTUO ADJUST 55 - 0510 Cleo VIRTUO ADJUST 55 - 3068 Orea

Technical data


Total thickness EN 428 mm 4,0
Thickness of the wear-layer EN 429 mm 0,55
Weight / Mass per unit area EN 430 g/m2 7200
Dimensions EN 427 cm Dřevo: 91,4 x 18,4
Kámen: 61 x 30,5
Surface treatment - - PUR+


Norm / product specification - - EN 649
Evuropean classification EN 685 group 33-42
Fire rating EN 13501-1 group Bfl-s1
Wear group EN 649 - T
VOC rate after 28 days - µ/m3 < 100


Impact sound insulation EN ISO 717/2 dB 4
Room impact noise NF S 31074 group B
Slip resistance wet DIN 51 130 group R9
Dimensional stability EN 434 % ≤ 0,15
Residual indentation EN 433 mm ≤ 0,10
Thermal conductivity EN 12 524 W/(m.k) 0,25
Colour fastness EN 20 105-B02 degree ≥ 6
Wet rooms - - OK
Floor heating - - OK - T° < 28°C
Static electrical propensity EN 1815 kV < 2
Guarantee residential use - year 15


How much in box - - Planks: 8
Tiles: 10
Surface packaging - m2 Planks: 1,79
Tiles: 1,86

CE Marking

ce EN 14041 Bfl-S1 antistatic floor heating 33 42


The declaration of performance Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55 (CZ) download
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