PVC with a textile backing Gerflor HQR

Gerflor Texline HQR - composition of PVC floors
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Product Line PVC flooring Gerflor HQR was designed primarily to be extremely resistant to wear and made to use both in commercial premises and households. It offers high resistance utility class 41 and a wide selection of decors. The unique technology Fiber Glass textile mat allows you to reduce the costs associated with the preparation of the substrate and the subsequent laying of coverings. This technology can compensate for slight irregularities in the substrate, reduces noise and accumulates heat very well. High quality flooring Gerflor HQR highlights the 15 year warranty that covers residential premises. It is an environmentally friendly flooring with antibacterial protection Sanosol. Unique patented technology - textile mat GERFLOR - the only market can safely compensate for minor unevenness of underlying surface

PVC floors Gerflor HQR belongs to the collection of residential floor coverings. Texline HQR is the most popular range of PVC floor coverings with unique textile backing.

The composition of floor covering

The unique properties of PVC flooring Gerflor HQR are due to their unique design. The surface layer is treated Sanosol coating that prevents the spread of fungi and bacteria. Considerable resistance is also given by 0.40 mm thick top layer. Determines the appearance of decorative foam, below which is a unique and dimensionally stable layer of glass fiber, which adds unique flatness of the surface floor coverings, even when it is not placed on a perfectly smooth surface. Underlying foam covering and gives her softness. On the bottom floors is mold resistant waterproof textile layer.

Easy installation, or what you will not get elsewhere

The main pain PVC flooring is a high sensitivity to the substrate. The problem is their "ability" of copying unevenness of underlying surface on its own surface. After a time, then the surface is clearly beginning to show the inequality layer PVC floor covering.

PVC pokládka

In taht contrast, Gerflor flooring HQR are able to even slight unevenness of underlying surface. May thus not be necessary before laying the foundation with a smooth leveling compounds. This can be achieved time savings, avoid the dangers that arise when applying the cement mixture and finally there is also a significant amount of money.

Gerflor pokládka

This PVC is possible to install on most existing subfloors

  • Wooden floors:
    can be freely laid on the wooden flooring if joints are up to 3 mm wide
  • Ceramic tiles:
    joint may be up to 5 mm wide and 1 mm deep
  • Textile coverings:
    It can be laid on felt carpets and piercing carpets
  • Concrete:
    finish the concrete base is needed if this is really rough

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  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 0669 - Chene Light

    Chene Light

    Width Code
    2 m 0669/2
    4 m 0669/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 0678 - Noma Ceruse

    Noma Ceruse

    Width Code
    2 m 0678/2
    3 m 0678/3
    4 m 0678/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 0718 - Timber Authentic

    Timber Authentic

    Width Code
    2 m 0718/2
    4 m 0718/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 0720 - Timber Clear

    Timber Clear

    Width Code
    2 m 0720/2
    3 m 0720/3
    4 m 0720/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 1267 - Walnut Blond

    Walnut Blond

    Width Code
    2 m 1267/2
    4 m 1267/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 1269 - Walnut Dark

    Walnut Dark

    Width Code
    2 m 1269/2
    4 m 1269/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 1420 - Legend White

    Legend White

    Width Code
    2 m 1420/2
    4 m 1420/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 1451 - Noma Kola

    Noma Kola

    Width Code
    2 m 1451/2
    4 m 1451/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 1673 - Fairway Cloud

    Fairway Cloud

    Width Code
    2 m 1673/2
    4 m 1673/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 1780 - Avenue Light

    Avenue Light

    Width Code
    2 m 1780/2
    4 m 1780/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 1781 - Avenue Clear

    Avenue Clear

    Width Code
    2 m 1781/2
    4 m 1781/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 1783 - Avenue Brown

    Avenue Brown

    Width Code
    2 m 1783/2
    4 m 1783/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 1783 - Harlem Light Grey

    Harlem Light Grey

    Width Code
    2 m 1788/2
    4 m 1788/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 1808 - Harlem Clear

    Harlem Clear

    Width Code
    2 m 1808/2
    4 m 1808/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 1816 - Fairway Brown

    Fairway Brown

    Width Code
    2 m 1816/2
    4 m 1816/4
  • Gerflor TEXLINE HQR 1819 - Timber Honey

    Timber Honey

    Width Code
    2 m 1819/2
    4 m 1819/4
TEXLINE HQR 0669 - Chene Light
TEXLINE HQR 0719 - Timber Brown
TEXLINE HQR 0721 - Timber Medim
TEXLINE HQR 0678 - Noma Ceruse
TEXLINE HQR 1383 - Morani Dark
TEXLINE HQR 1384 - Morani Milk
TEXLINE HQR 1441 - Lodge Honey

Technical date


Total thickness EN 428 mm 3,10
Thickness of the wear-layer EN 429 mm 0,40
Weight / Mass per unit area EN 430 g/m2 2370
Width of sheet EN 426 cm 200 / 300 / 400
Length of sheet EN 426 bm ±25
Surface treatment PU HQR
Fungistatic & bacteriostatic treatment Sansol*


Product specification EN 653
European classification EN 685 class 33-41
Fire rating classification EN 13501-1 class Cfl-s1
Wear group EN 653 - T


Impact sound insulation EN ISO 717-2 dB 16
Room impact noise NF S 31 074 class A
Dimensional stability after exposure to heat EN 434 % < 0,05
Thermal conductivity EN 12524 W/(m.k) 0,25
Residual indentation EN 433 mm 0,30
Colour fastness EN 20 105 - B02 degree > 6


Residential premises 15 years
Commercial premises 5 years

CE Marking - EN 14041

ce12 3 4


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