Gerflor who we are and what we do?

Technical expertise

Gerflor is a French company with expertise in several fields:
construction, sport, transport and housing.

International support

Gerflor has broad international representation not only
in the production and distribution of accessories, but also in business and sales.


of sales are achieved with product ranges less then three years old

innovative solutions

Gerflor invests in research to provide customers with high quality floor based on the latest findings.

  • A simpler installation and use of
  • The optimal comfort
  • Innovative and impressive design
  • The extraordinary resistance to damage
  • Respect of environment

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Non-toxic flooring

There is no danger of formaldehyde emissions and with very good results in the test VOC emissions. Flooring Gerflor - whose emissions are governed by strict European standards - are well below the upper limit.

In Europe, less than 50% of manufacturers have achieved an ISO 14001 certification and Gerflor is one of them!

All Gerflor industrial sites are ISO 14001 certified and Gerflor company has undertaken continuously reduce the impact of production on the environment.

Gerflor recycles production waste within their own factories

Do you know that almost 100% of our production waste is recycled and re-used to make intermediate layers or backing on technical constraints and regulations.

Life Cycle Analysis

Life cycle analysis of a product is one of the main ways to reduce the impact of production on the environment. Gerflor product life cycle is closed: production, delivery, installation, operating costs, maintenance, disposal, recycling.


of gerflor
products are recyclable


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